Beixinqiao is a station on Line 5 of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Beixinqiao
Chinese (simplified) 北新桥
Located on Line 5
Pronounciation Běixīnqiáo

Map of Beixinqiao

Tips near Beixinqiao

American food in a hutong atmosphere at Grandma's Kitchen. Just opposite of exit C


Mar 30, 2012



Mar 5, 2013

There is a good bakery called 85 by the exit B


Aug 20, 2013

exit B, beixinqiao san tiao (3rd alley, north from subway) - great alley with many barbecues, and good atmosphere:D


11 months ago

Exit A to get to cafe de la poste bar


9 months ago

Take exit B to get to Cafe de la Poste


9 months ago

I've ben living here for a semester, beautiful and convenient neighborhood to improve your chinese!


8 months ago

Lark Brewpub is nearby and if you walk west you can find another cool spot called Beetle In The Box

Ryan B

6 months ago

Exit C (southeast) is bit hidden, best exit to meet is Exit D (southwest)


3 months ago

To get to a great bar called Más, 3rd of all food on a Wednesday. Leave at exit C.

Joe Harveu

2 weeks ago

First train/Last train